Monday, September 1, 2008

UCLA Quarter two

Quarter two is not starting very well for the Orange. So much has been made of the offensive line's experience. They made some crucial mistakes on the opening drive. Two false start penalties when the Bruins show blitz, forced the Vols into a 3rd and 17. FINALLY, they heard my plea!! Throw it down the field and let Josh Briscoe go get it. Pass to Briscoe complet for a gain of FORTY YARDS! Montario Hardesty takes the handoff and WALKS into the Endzone for the first score of 2008. In the words of John Ward: Give Him SIX! Tie ballgame. To be honest UCLA is in their heels, look tired, our defense really needs a quick stop to punish them. UCLA loses their third starter five minutes into the second period, lost their starting reciever Everette(sp). Interesting call by Fulmer. Third down the bruins come up three yards short but gets a holding call. Instead of forcing the punt, he backs them up ten and replays the down. He is showing a lot of confidence in his defense. Short again, punts to the Vols.

Interception Bruins. Crompton cannot find a target. His throws have either been way overthrown or way underthrown. Way off target. Not sure if it is nerves or what. They say overthrowing is a product of poor mechanics. Not sure if it is not just him forcing it. Tennessee takes over aftetr the third bruin interception, but Tennessee cannot convert. The Offense looks horrible, noone looks like they are on the same page. A lot of miscommunication. With a minute to go, I thought Phil should have went for it on fourth and long, but instead he tries a fifty-five yard field goal and misses wide left. The first attempt of fifty-one was wide right. Craft throws an interception with less than thirty seconds to go and he could go.... SIXTY_YARDS PICK SIX!! 14-7 UT!!! UCLA will kneel on the ball and take it into the half behind a touchdown.

I am impressed in the defense. I am VERY disappointed in the Offense. I have been very optimistic about the new Clawson offense. I think it is going to be fine, Crompton has to find a rythim. He has to find a groove, he has been pressured a lot. I think we are seeing the difference in the Clawson led Offense and the Cutcliffe offense. Cutt was all about timing, two and a half seconds the ball was gone out of the qb's hands. It may be to the sideline, but it was gone. Crompton has been staying in the pocket much longer, thus having a good bit of pressure. In the past Crompton was very quick to tuck the ball and run, after one full half, he has not made any rushing attempts.

I am impressed with the DBs. After some soft coverage on the first drive of the game, they have really stepped up. Hardesty has looked good, and Foster had a good run late, but as a whole I have to give the Offense a C-. I would probably give the Defense a A-, so far throwing a shutout, the only Bruin points coming off of the blocked punt. Maybe we can get on the same page in the locker room, and can drop the hammer on the baby blue.