Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Year Two Begins

It was July 21, 2007 when I made my first post on here, about Saban, or as I have called him, the "Bionic Coach." I listed all of the major schools that the "Four Million Dollar Man" had losing records against. It was a good read and the beginning of a very active football season. After the season started I slacked off of posting on here because of preparing for the Football call in show hosted by Dunaway and Brown and sponsored by Jack's. It took a lot of my time during the week getting all of the score sheets ready for the guys. But I wouldn't trade it for the world, It is something I enjoy, High School Football has always been a soft spot for me. Hope we get to do it again this year.

It seems like it has been harder to get exited about the upcoming football season. I was visiting with a friend over this past weekend the is a tried and true Blue and Gold LSU supporter. He said that he is actually looking forward to this season more than last. He said last year there was so much preseason pressure put on them that with the way that the Tigers played last year it was hard to enjoy the experience. Every week he was so stressed out and coming off of some emotional roller coaster that come Monday morning he was a wreck. He said that with the low expectations that the media is giving his Bengals he can sit back and enjoy the fun of the week. How long will that last? But what he said made sense to me. I had high hopes last year. Erik Ainge returning for his senior season, along with a strong defense I really thought we had a chance to win the conference. Dunaway's mock week by week season proved to be prophetic, as LSU and my Vols indeed did make the trip to the Georgia Dome. With Ainge, Mayo, and others gone, it seems as though my Vols are not getting the love from many people. Although today on "College Football Live" Mark May not only said that Jonathon Crompton was poised to have a remarkable season, when asked who his dark horse pick for the National Title game was, wait for it, yes my UT Vols. Was this a curse against my team? We will see. But back to my thought. I don't think I have high hopes for my Vols. I think nine or ten wins would be a great success. With the new offense and new Quarterback Crompton, I think it will be possible to see great things, we just seem to be keeping everything close to the sweater vest.

I hope to be posting an article on Coach Clawson and the changes in the Offensive coaching staff in the coming weeks. I also hope to give you the prospective starters for the upcoming season. There has been some competition and some moving of positions so I would rather wait until practice gets going to list my depth charts. I am not an inside guy, I have to wait until they are released just like everyone else.

Earlier this week a lot of hype has been given to Les Miles comments that enraged the "Crimson Nation." I share the opinion of a lot of people, what you say to your fans is allowed. If it was a big press conference that is one thing. But private setting gatherings of supporters are a totally different ball of wax. Coach Bruce pearl is the best at this. He can incite a riot within the walls of a meeting room, locker room, or on the steps of the state capitol building. I think now that it is barely more than a month until we kick off the new season, I think it is time as fans we put our "Big Boy" pants on and just say ok, you got us, we will get you back. Isn't that what we love about this game, the smack talk, the hype? If Les gets under your skin that bad, you are gonna have a loooong season.