Monday, September 1, 2008


Like I said at the end of the fourth Quarter, the Norm Chow offens scares the bejesus out of me in the hurry up. UCLA gets the first possesion. First down, incomplete. Second down, no gain on the sweep. Nice tackle by Johnson. caft has been superb 18 of 24 in the second half for 193 yds. Can't convert, so blue gets the FG. to take the lead 27-24.

UT ball first down play is a run by Hardesty to the right, stopped, may have lost a yard. Second try, shotgun, screen to foster, short, will be 3rd and seven, from the 21, i say go for the end zone, nobody open, crompton keeps it, will have to settle for the FG try, it is no good, wide left. after being the most accurate kicker in the SEC he could not find his aim, much like Crompton there just was no sense of confidence. No one else can take the blame for this one exept our QB. We have all been forced to buy into the Crompton system. It is what we have, it is what we have to work with. This might be a tough one.

UCLA with the upset.