Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Funniest Comercial right Now

I know i am a little video happy right now but this is great!! What is funny, he hasn't even played yet.

Greatest You Tube this week

Thanks to the guys at RockyTopTalk we have this great video of Coach Fulmer and the Vols. Is about six minutes long, wait for it, It is worth it!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

SEC FanFare

Man what a day. We left the limits of the city of Birmingham at around nine o'clock, I got home at sometime before two this morning. Was glad t be there too, After Ryan took us on a scenic tour of the Atlanta Metro Area after midnight. I think we were offered a few dates, and Jim was offered something to make his head feel better more than a couple of times. All in all it was a stressful moment to say the least. Have to defend him though, their directional signage leaves something to be desired.

Let me say this, if you have small children and are football fans, this was the place to be. Lots of activities to keep them in memories for a long time. From playing flag football with legends of the game, to the Quarterback Challenge, with greats like Condridge Holloway, Rohan Davey, and Alan Risher. Also got to meet and talk to such greats as Tommy Hodson, and Eddie Fuller, the two LSU players responsible for the Earthquake game against Auburn. Met Tennessee greats Tee Martin, Al Wilson, Chuck Smith, Carl Pickens and Haskel Stanback. Amazing how a lot of them seem so different than what you imagine. Some of these Legends of Folklore come off as being shy and timid, something you really do not expect. One of my observations was watching one of these football greats, walk into the building and over to the event site he was supposed to be featured. Was wearing blue jeans, a T-shirt and old worn out sneakers that look like they should have been retired three years ago. He reaches into a plastic Kroger grocery sack, and pulls out his jersey from it. Puts it on and then becomes someone that is admired by many. Two minutes before he didn't get a second look. But with his name and numbers across his back, everybody loved him again.

A lot of free swag was available for the taking. from signs to shakers to posters to megaphones. Have your picture taken with cows, trophies, or beautiful women placed there just to get your attention. You can sample food, buy a beer for $6.75, and play all the X-box you wanted to play. There were interactive games from football to Golf, Basketball to Cornhole. You name it, you could find it, need that Christmas present for the person who has it all? How about a Satin robe with the colors and Logo of the Tigers and Vols. But mostly there were fans. Big ones and little ones. Young and Old. Some that were there just to see how much free stuff they could cram into their bag, and some that were there like me just trying to cram in the feeling of the moment. Fans. Tradition. Pride. I think those are the things I took away from the event. And they too were free.