Monday, September 1, 2008

going to four

BIG BIG defensive stand. I really thought we had the safety, but they reviewed it and said he had forward progress. Punt from the end zone, 30+ yd return, Vols start on the 26 of the Blue. First sack of the year given up by the O-line. Looked bad too. FG attempt of 51 yds..........blown dead, delay of game. Makes it a 56. You have to punt it now. Thought it was gonna be downed at the goal line, but crosses in.

PET PEEVE!!! I don't think Crompton has put his mouthpiece in since the first quarter. Isn't that a personal foul penalty?

UCLA is starting to move the ball. Craft is on target for the blue and has moved it across into UT territory. Big third down conversion with 7:20 to play and the Blue is about to score. Down to the UT 3. Touchdown blue. Marched down the field eighty yards and punches it in on the corner. Blue said all they wanted to do was be in the game in the fourth quarter and theu would be able to get the win. Looks like they are cutting down on their mistakes and giving it a shot. So with 6:51 to go in the game it is 17-14 Blue. After giving up four interceptions in the first half he was six for six, 71 yds on the drive.

First down, wide open Warren, Crompton misses with the throw AGAIN. He cannot buy a completion. Gets lucky and gets a facemask on a sack, personal foul, first down. Third down, and long, Crompton has had pressure all night, and Crompton has folded every time, he reminds me of JaMarcus Russell. He will make a good throw and then will make five more that you hold your breath whenever he drops back. He cannot throw under pressure. Has not been able to complete a throw under any pressure all night. Third and long, 5:27 to go it all depends on this..... Crompton tucks it and runs, comes up a yard short, and with fourth and one Phil goes for it. Second effort gets it on the keeper.

4:00 to go and we have to finish this off. FG would tie but do not want to rely on the offense in a pressure filled OT. Craft is on his game, and we have never found our rythim. Lincoln is 0-fer on the FG attempts as well. Good third down conversion by Hardesty. 1st and 10 on the 20 with 2:04 to go...... Hardesty gets the corner GIVE HIM SIX!!!!! 21-17 ORANGE. Great block by the TE Stocker, and by the WR Jones. Great job running tonight by Hardesty.

1:54 to go, and if there is anything that scares me is a Norm Chow offense in the hurry up/ Neuheisel is known for his two minute offense. QUick seam route complete. Second play, complete for close to a first. Measurement is.... short by inches. 2nd and 1. Need a takeaway by UT. Good coverage, 3rd and 1, minute ten. Conversion 1st and 10 pass....complete and it will be first and ten after the UCLA time out.

If they score we should have time for a quick all or nothing drive. Craft is right on target, 1st and 10 with :44 to go he cannot seem to miss. second half is 16 of 20. shold have been a penalty for illegal man down field on a middle screen, but is complete 2nd and two.incomplete. 3rd and 2 31 seconds. Touchdown !

UT will have a last chance effort to come back with :27 seconds to make it happen.

:23 seconds and one timeout to get in field goal range.

Starts on the 43 yard line. First down incomplete, clock at :18. Complete to the Blue forty. 2nd and ten with :12 can take one shot to get closer. Ball snapped first down and Time out. Has a chance at the field goal with :05 will be a 47 yd attempt to take it to OT...........It is...........GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!


whew we get a second life.