Monday, September 1, 2008

Game Ramblings First Quarter

I am having some difficulties handling my nervous energy during the game. I normally enjoy some adult beverages during the game, but that all changed this year. So maybe I can try typing, maybe that will keep me occupied. So far the Orange is kinda vanilla. The defens is keeping in the game. We are about through the first quarter. Three minutes to go and already have two take aways with interceptions by Rogan and Morely. Offense is off sync. Early fumbled snap, stumbles by Crompton and just plain off target on his throws down the field. After a couple of early 6-7 yd runs my Foster, the offense has stalled out. Would like to see them go back to the short passes in the middle to the tight ends and slot recievers. Gerald Jones has had a couple of nice catches early, and Briscoe brought in a good one but was called out of bounds. Crompton started out 5 of 7. But has missed his next five passes.

I told Jim and Ryan back a few weeks ago that the thing I was the most scared about was the fact that we had a brand new punter making his first kicks of his career. With just over a minute to go in the first quarter, UCLA blocks the punt and walks in for the first points of the game and the 7-0 lead. The first quarter is going to end in the middle of a Tennessee drive, opening with the G-Gun package and Gerald getting a decent gain. Montario Hardesty has entered the game and given us a spark with a little more of a burst of the line. UCLA ends the quarter with a couple of question marks, with injuries to the starting running back and tight End, not sure to what capacity they can perform.