Monday, September 1, 2008

Third Quarter

After a HUGE run by arian Foster and a good throw and catch to Lucas Taylor, poor ball handling by Foster results in fumble. A good looking drive that would have really made it tough on the Blue to come back, a turnover kills the momentum. Eric Berry just de-cleated a Bruin reciever on a pass to the middle. Really looking good on the defensive side of the ball.

For the third or fourth time we have run into our own players on offensive plays. On the punt by Blue, Rogan makes the first two guys miss and just as he gets going, runs right into Eric Berry. Way out of sync tonight. Crompton goes deep again for Austin Rogers and had the ball placed perfect, but the ball was bobbled. When he rares back and throws it, he seems to be on target, it is the touch passes in the middle that he seems to be missing.

With five minutes to go in the third, the Blue seems to be driving. First and ten on the thirty of UT gets about five to the 25. Great run defense backs them up and a great blitz by the LB Wilson gets a big sack. Pushes them back to 3rd and 18. incomplete pass forces a FG by Blue to close it up 14-10.

Crompton keeps overthrowing the recievers. Some have been wide open down the field and he throws it ten feet over their head. Not sure, but it seems if there is any pressure what so ever he overthrows. The quarter ends with UT up by four, not a comfortable lead at all, but it is what we have. So on to the fourth 14-10.