Friday, September 19, 2008

Keys to beating the Gators

I am amazed at the lack of confidence on the Orange when it comes to winning tomorrow. Let me give you the three keys to us winning the game. I know they are the tree keys to anyone winning, but it seems that we need to get back to the fundamentals, or in the Land of the Orange, General Neyland's Maxims.

1. Live by the run, Die by the run. I do not have faith in the arm of our quarterback. I am afraid Brandon Warren is going to kill him if he two hops another ball to him. The corps of running backs have established they can run with great success. So to win, we are going to have to be a running team. Key stat to look for. If Crompton has over thirty pass attempts, UT will lose the game.

2. Control the run by Florida. Our defensive front has looked surprisingly well so far. If we can limit their gains by Tebow or Harvin, it would force the offense into a throwing team and play into the play makers we have in the secondary. I know Defenses in the SEC have been trying to stop Tebow for two years now, but to beat the Gators this is key.

3. Do not give up the big play on Special Teams. A lot needs to go under this heading. So much i think they should HIRE A SPECIAL TEAMS COACH. Cannot punt the ball to them. Too dangerous. Cannot give up a blocked kick, or miss chip shot field goals. And when we kickoff, COVER IT. Put the play makers on the field, Berry, Morely, Warren.

If somehow we can pull these off, it assures a victory.

By the way on a side note, anyone seen Rico McCoy? Anyone told him football season has started?