Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thoughts on a Sunday morning

I only have a couple of minutes, but wanted to go on record and give my two cents on a couple of things. As I am about to go to church, There are two things that are still onmy mind. First, UAB won the game for fourty minutes, but in a plit second lost about all the respect that was built up during the game. I am not going to to justify the throwing of bottles and trash at the visiting Tigers. The game had many questionable calls, but the most blatent call was the one by the Blazers not to foul when Memphis brought the ball across mid-court. At worst they tie the ballgame. More likely they miss one of the shots and you still win. But they chose to wait until the ball is driven, you give up the three point play and the win. All else aside I think destiny was in their own hands and they threw it away.

Second todays Daytona 500 will be Amazing. I think it may be the most entertaining ever.


That is all for now, I am gonna be late for church.