Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I have sat down here and attempted to update my blog many times since the Sec Championship Game. I would get a good long entry started and then lose interest. I think that has gone around, Jim, Blake and I have all struggled in keeping our Blogs updated. Quick props to Jim. He picked the SEC title game, and the National Champions before the season started. Though he did have LSU playing USC in the title game, many would argue that he was correct. Basketball season is upon us, many teams are about halfway through their quest. Tennessee attempted tonight to go to thirteen wins. And oh what a game it was.

My Vols started out tough opening up with six straight points. And give Andy Kennedy's Rebels credit, they never looked intimidated. The Orange clad crowd of 21,864 did their darndest to get into the heads of the underdogs, but they never seemed to rattle the determined boys in blue. I have to say, Kennedy must coach up the team in practice because I saw very little coaching being done on the sidelines. Maybe I am just used to watching Bruce All-Mighty do his thing. And after the technical foul when coach wanted to do some coaching still, he called Chris Lofton over and relayed a message to the officials. Speaking of the officials. Not sure what to say. At times I thought they are letting them play ball underneath, and others I was screaming for assault charges.

My Vols played very sloppy tonight. I did see more driving to the basket tonight than I have seen all year. But they just seemed out of sinc all night. They finished up 32 of 69 from the floor (46.4%) compared to the Rebels 31 of 71 (43.7%). Rebounding has to go to the Rebels right? It was closer than you think, 42 to the Vols 31. At times though it seemed like they were murdering us on the boards. Warren led all scorers with 24. Two of the "Smith Brothers" had 21 apiece for Tennessee. Polynice added 20 for the rebels along with 15 from Curtis, and Lofton filled out the double figure scores with 10.

I think we watched two of the top three teams in the league tonight. IT as all it was supposed to be. I was worried sick about this game, up until the last rebound that was pulled down by the good guys with thirty seconds to go. I then stood up and held my fist high. Faith that my boys would prevail. But unlike years past, the team did not throw the ball around waiting on Chris to get a look. Nope he was simply part of the Team That got it done tonight. Congrats Tyler on a whale of a game, and Maybe now JuJuan will start getting the SEC respect he deserves.