Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sure there will be some that will come and see....

I know there have been a lot of bammer fans that have visited my blog to see what I say about their team. I have not been posting very much, because, well, I have taken the advice of Rich and refuse to be a "Nega-Vol." So I have done my best to support my team and my coach, and be as positive as I can be. That is not easy. I used to spend a lot of time on the message boards, and a lot of time calling in to the radio, and talking about my beloved Big Orange. But there is only so many times you can say the same things over and over again. We, have shot ourselves in the foot with penalties, and have suffered through horrible quarterback play. If you call it that, we could put our third string long snapper in their and I think he could play the skill position as well as Crompton did.

I do not think it is Fulmer's fault
There have been a fire under the seat of our coach for almost as long as I can remember. I can remember back in 2001 I believe, when there was talk of him losing his job, then he went down to Miami and beat the U at home. That was within a week or so of almost losing to Duke. Never-the-less extension and raise was offered. This year i did not come out throwing darts at my coach. I believe there is no one else else we can bring in that will turn things around and make everyone happy. it is hard to get anyone to believe that because no sooner than you get that out of your mouth, that they say "What about Alabama, they went and got Saban and look at them." What am I supposed to say to that? They seem to be the exception to the rule, but then you see what Meyer has done, Miles has maintained, and Richt rides the high and low roller coaster every year. So am I to think that we can go out and get someone to lead us back to relevance?

As much as I hate to admit it, I think that tonight's Alabama game may have been the last straw for my coach. I am behind him 100%. I think he is doing the best he can with what he has to work with. i guess he has to take a good bit of the blame for the talent level. Who else can it be passed to. You have to lay some of the blame on him for starting Crompton as long as he did. My question is this, what else are we supposed to do? Fire him, force him to retire? then what? Is a lot of questions that eventually have to be answered. I know our A.D. Mike Hamilton did not look too pleased tonight. I would rather take a bad season, build some confidence and experience, and go forward next year. I am just too afraid that if we clean house on the coaching staff, we will have a long row to hold over the next few years.

This is the first time in sixteen years that Alabama has beaten us two years in a row. It hurts as much tonight, as it did a year ago. And now i have to listen to Bammers talk the talk for the next year. But the bottom line is they have earned the right to talk. They owned the field in the second half, something they have not done all year, so I cannot fault them from being a little cocky.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Keys to beating the Gators

I am amazed at the lack of confidence on the Orange when it comes to winning tomorrow. Let me give you the three keys to us winning the game. I know they are the tree keys to anyone winning, but it seems that we need to get back to the fundamentals, or in the Land of the Orange, General Neyland's Maxims.

1. Live by the run, Die by the run. I do not have faith in the arm of our quarterback. I am afraid Brandon Warren is going to kill him if he two hops another ball to him. The corps of running backs have established they can run with great success. So to win, we are going to have to be a running team. Key stat to look for. If Crompton has over thirty pass attempts, UT will lose the game.

2. Control the run by Florida. Our defensive front has looked surprisingly well so far. If we can limit their gains by Tebow or Harvin, it would force the offense into a throwing team and play into the play makers we have in the secondary. I know Defenses in the SEC have been trying to stop Tebow for two years now, but to beat the Gators this is key.

3. Do not give up the big play on Special Teams. A lot needs to go under this heading. So much i think they should HIRE A SPECIAL TEAMS COACH. Cannot punt the ball to them. Too dangerous. Cannot give up a blocked kick, or miss chip shot field goals. And when we kickoff, COVER IT. Put the play makers on the field, Berry, Morely, Warren.

If somehow we can pull these off, it assures a victory.

By the way on a side note, anyone seen Rico McCoy? Anyone told him football season has started?

Monday, September 1, 2008

I don't agree, but it will be said....


Like I said at the end of the fourth Quarter, the Norm Chow offens scares the bejesus out of me in the hurry up. UCLA gets the first possesion. First down, incomplete. Second down, no gain on the sweep. Nice tackle by Johnson. caft has been superb 18 of 24 in the second half for 193 yds. Can't convert, so blue gets the FG. to take the lead 27-24.

UT ball first down play is a run by Hardesty to the right, stopped, may have lost a yard. Second try, shotgun, screen to foster, short, will be 3rd and seven, from the 21, i say go for the end zone, nobody open, crompton keeps it, will have to settle for the FG try, it is no good, wide left. after being the most accurate kicker in the SEC he could not find his aim, much like Crompton there just was no sense of confidence. No one else can take the blame for this one exept our QB. We have all been forced to buy into the Crompton system. It is what we have, it is what we have to work with. This might be a tough one.

UCLA with the upset.

going to four

BIG BIG defensive stand. I really thought we had the safety, but they reviewed it and said he had forward progress. Punt from the end zone, 30+ yd return, Vols start on the 26 of the Blue. First sack of the year given up by the O-line. Looked bad too. FG attempt of 51 yds..........blown dead, delay of game. Makes it a 56. You have to punt it now. Thought it was gonna be downed at the goal line, but crosses in.

PET PEEVE!!! I don't think Crompton has put his mouthpiece in since the first quarter. Isn't that a personal foul penalty?

UCLA is starting to move the ball. Craft is on target for the blue and has moved it across into UT territory. Big third down conversion with 7:20 to play and the Blue is about to score. Down to the UT 3. Touchdown blue. Marched down the field eighty yards and punches it in on the corner. Blue said all they wanted to do was be in the game in the fourth quarter and theu would be able to get the win. Looks like they are cutting down on their mistakes and giving it a shot. So with 6:51 to go in the game it is 17-14 Blue. After giving up four interceptions in the first half he was six for six, 71 yds on the drive.

First down, wide open Warren, Crompton misses with the throw AGAIN. He cannot buy a completion. Gets lucky and gets a facemask on a sack, personal foul, first down. Third down, and long, Crompton has had pressure all night, and Crompton has folded every time, he reminds me of JaMarcus Russell. He will make a good throw and then will make five more that you hold your breath whenever he drops back. He cannot throw under pressure. Has not been able to complete a throw under any pressure all night. Third and long, 5:27 to go it all depends on this..... Crompton tucks it and runs, comes up a yard short, and with fourth and one Phil goes for it. Second effort gets it on the keeper.

4:00 to go and we have to finish this off. FG would tie but do not want to rely on the offense in a pressure filled OT. Craft is on his game, and we have never found our rythim. Lincoln is 0-fer on the FG attempts as well. Good third down conversion by Hardesty. 1st and 10 on the 20 with 2:04 to go...... Hardesty gets the corner GIVE HIM SIX!!!!! 21-17 ORANGE. Great block by the TE Stocker, and by the WR Jones. Great job running tonight by Hardesty.

1:54 to go, and if there is anything that scares me is a Norm Chow offense in the hurry up/ Neuheisel is known for his two minute offense. QUick seam route complete. Second play, complete for close to a first. Measurement is.... short by inches. 2nd and 1. Need a takeaway by UT. Good coverage, 3rd and 1, minute ten. Conversion 1st and 10 pass....complete and it will be first and ten after the UCLA time out.

If they score we should have time for a quick all or nothing drive. Craft is right on target, 1st and 10 with :44 to go he cannot seem to miss. second half is 16 of 20. shold have been a penalty for illegal man down field on a middle screen, but is complete 2nd and two.incomplete. 3rd and 2 31 seconds. Touchdown !

UT will have a last chance effort to come back with :27 seconds to make it happen.

:23 seconds and one timeout to get in field goal range.

Starts on the 43 yard line. First down incomplete, clock at :18. Complete to the Blue forty. 2nd and ten with :12 can take one shot to get closer. Ball snapped first down and Time out. Has a chance at the field goal with :05 will be a 47 yd attempt to take it to OT...........It is...........GOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!


whew we get a second life.

Third Quarter

After a HUGE run by arian Foster and a good throw and catch to Lucas Taylor, poor ball handling by Foster results in fumble. A good looking drive that would have really made it tough on the Blue to come back, a turnover kills the momentum. Eric Berry just de-cleated a Bruin reciever on a pass to the middle. Really looking good on the defensive side of the ball.

For the third or fourth time we have run into our own players on offensive plays. On the punt by Blue, Rogan makes the first two guys miss and just as he gets going, runs right into Eric Berry. Way out of sync tonight. Crompton goes deep again for Austin Rogers and had the ball placed perfect, but the ball was bobbled. When he rares back and throws it, he seems to be on target, it is the touch passes in the middle that he seems to be missing.

With five minutes to go in the third, the Blue seems to be driving. First and ten on the thirty of UT gets about five to the 25. Great run defense backs them up and a great blitz by the LB Wilson gets a big sack. Pushes them back to 3rd and 18. incomplete pass forces a FG by Blue to close it up 14-10.

Crompton keeps overthrowing the recievers. Some have been wide open down the field and he throws it ten feet over their head. Not sure, but it seems if there is any pressure what so ever he overthrows. The quarter ends with UT up by four, not a comfortable lead at all, but it is what we have. So on to the fourth 14-10.

UCLA Quarter two

Quarter two is not starting very well for the Orange. So much has been made of the offensive line's experience. They made some crucial mistakes on the opening drive. Two false start penalties when the Bruins show blitz, forced the Vols into a 3rd and 17. FINALLY, they heard my plea!! Throw it down the field and let Josh Briscoe go get it. Pass to Briscoe complet for a gain of FORTY YARDS! Montario Hardesty takes the handoff and WALKS into the Endzone for the first score of 2008. In the words of John Ward: Give Him SIX! Tie ballgame. To be honest UCLA is in their heels, look tired, our defense really needs a quick stop to punish them. UCLA loses their third starter five minutes into the second period, lost their starting reciever Everette(sp). Interesting call by Fulmer. Third down the bruins come up three yards short but gets a holding call. Instead of forcing the punt, he backs them up ten and replays the down. He is showing a lot of confidence in his defense. Short again, punts to the Vols.

Interception Bruins. Crompton cannot find a target. His throws have either been way overthrown or way underthrown. Way off target. Not sure if it is nerves or what. They say overthrowing is a product of poor mechanics. Not sure if it is not just him forcing it. Tennessee takes over aftetr the third bruin interception, but Tennessee cannot convert. The Offense looks horrible, noone looks like they are on the same page. A lot of miscommunication. With a minute to go, I thought Phil should have went for it on fourth and long, but instead he tries a fifty-five yard field goal and misses wide left. The first attempt of fifty-one was wide right. Craft throws an interception with less than thirty seconds to go and he could go.... SIXTY_YARDS PICK SIX!! 14-7 UT!!! UCLA will kneel on the ball and take it into the half behind a touchdown.

I am impressed in the defense. I am VERY disappointed in the Offense. I have been very optimistic about the new Clawson offense. I think it is going to be fine, Crompton has to find a rythim. He has to find a groove, he has been pressured a lot. I think we are seeing the difference in the Clawson led Offense and the Cutcliffe offense. Cutt was all about timing, two and a half seconds the ball was gone out of the qb's hands. It may be to the sideline, but it was gone. Crompton has been staying in the pocket much longer, thus having a good bit of pressure. In the past Crompton was very quick to tuck the ball and run, after one full half, he has not made any rushing attempts.

I am impressed with the DBs. After some soft coverage on the first drive of the game, they have really stepped up. Hardesty has looked good, and Foster had a good run late, but as a whole I have to give the Offense a C-. I would probably give the Defense a A-, so far throwing a shutout, the only Bruin points coming off of the blocked punt. Maybe we can get on the same page in the locker room, and can drop the hammer on the baby blue.

Game Ramblings First Quarter

I am having some difficulties handling my nervous energy during the game. I normally enjoy some adult beverages during the game, but that all changed this year. So maybe I can try typing, maybe that will keep me occupied. So far the Orange is kinda vanilla. The defens is keeping in the game. We are about through the first quarter. Three minutes to go and already have two take aways with interceptions by Rogan and Morely. Offense is off sync. Early fumbled snap, stumbles by Crompton and just plain off target on his throws down the field. After a couple of early 6-7 yd runs my Foster, the offense has stalled out. Would like to see them go back to the short passes in the middle to the tight ends and slot recievers. Gerald Jones has had a couple of nice catches early, and Briscoe brought in a good one but was called out of bounds. Crompton started out 5 of 7. But has missed his next five passes.

I told Jim and Ryan back a few weeks ago that the thing I was the most scared about was the fact that we had a brand new punter making his first kicks of his career. With just over a minute to go in the first quarter, UCLA blocks the punt and walks in for the first points of the game and the 7-0 lead. The first quarter is going to end in the middle of a Tennessee drive, opening with the G-Gun package and Gerald getting a decent gain. Montario Hardesty has entered the game and given us a spark with a little more of a burst of the line. UCLA ends the quarter with a couple of question marks, with injuries to the starting running back and tight End, not sure to what capacity they can perform.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pet Peeves, Tired of Hearing, Ole Miss lack of Love

Right after SEC Media days, Ryan and Jim talked for a segment or two about the things they were already tired of hearing in this young college season. I too have a couple of things that I am going to scream if I have to talk about or listen to in conversation about this years Tennessee Vols. The season is so young, we are just in our first week of full pad contact, yet it feels like we need to be teeing it up on Saturday. Three weeks are all that stand between us and the beginning of what seems to have all of the components of a truly perplexing season to predict.

When we started the conversation about the 2008 Vols, the one thing I have heard in almost every conversation is "They are returning one of the Best Offensive lines in the nation, they only allowed four sacks all of last season." As true as that statement is, it is also very deceptive. The 2007 season was supposed to be Erik Ainge's time to shine. A four year starter (well for the most part) with the controversies behind him, Offensive Coordinator David Cutcliffe had taught Ainge to be more efficient, more productive and more selective in his passing game. The most important asset that Cut brought to Erik's bag of tricks was something that he used with Peyton, he used with Eli, and good many NFL quarterbacks already use every week. TIMING. Let me say that again, TIMING. Set....Hut...Hut Ball is snapped, thousand one, thousand two and pass. Whether it is down field, dumped off to a running back in the flat, or out of bounds, the pass is gone out of the quarterbacks hand in no more than two and a half seconds. That is why there were only four sacks. It is hard for anyone, and I mean anyone, to make a sack in two seconds. Now don't get me wrong, I know the big boys did a great job in the trench, We had some good rushing yards behind them, but let's not throw all of the credit their way.

I am not going to spend a ton of time talking about my second pet peeve. It is a simple one. "The Tennessee Defense is soft. They do not have the talent they have in years past." How can someone say that? Have they seen them play. The only time anyone has seen anything you can grade them on is the annual "Tennessee Drill" that pits offense versus defense, one on one, to see who can block who, and who can beat their offensive counter part. Was anyone talking about how strong Georgia's running game was last August? No. But Everyone wants to talk about Moreno. And if I remember correctly the "Soft" defense we had last year shut down the phenom. the Same way they shut down the two headed running attack of Arkansas. Look coach we brought that wood! Week three after the Florida game if you want to talk about our defense and their strengths and weaknesses then we can sit down over a Diet Coke and talk, otherwise, shut your mouth.

Let me change gears for a moment and talk about something that I think is not getting the airtime nor the talk they deserve. I have already stuck my neck out and said it, so let me say it once more, "I really think everyone is sleeping on Ole Miss!" I really do believe they can be the third place team in the West. With Coach yo-yo-yoo-yo they were in some games they should not have been on talent alone. Now they have someone who believes in them, and is teaching them to believe in themselves. I believe Snead is the real deal. I and ALL of you Aubuies thought the world of Enrique Davis when you thought he was to wear the ORANGE and blue. With a recognized returning offensive line and big time strengths returning on defense, WHY ARE THEY NOT GETTING ANY LOVE?? I think Sports Illustrated had them going 2-6 in the conference. I really do believe this team is going to turn some heads!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Formal Introduction to the "New" Offensive coaches

There have been a lot of talk and rumblings around the SEC this year about the new offensive systems that have been implanted this year. Jim has dubbed Auburn the "Spread Heads," and Ryan seems to think Arkansas is going to be an Air Show. At SEC media days Arian Foster, the returning running back for my Vols, said that the new offense at Tennessee will be more of a West Coast Offense. So I guess we are actually taking a step or two back when it comes to what is popular in the SEC, but would still be a step forward for UT who has been a traditional running team. Before we can get to know the new offense, I want to take the time to introduce you to the new offensive staff. It is almost a totally new staff, with last years staff going the way of the road, to either Duke, Oklahoma State, and various other sub-Vol programs. Almost as different as the new staff who comes from division 1-AA, to National Champion Florida Gators, to the NFL, this new staff is as diverse as the talent they coach.

Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks coach Dave Clawson has spent his career in the minor leagues. An assistant at schools such as Albany Buffalo and Lehigh and Villanova, His head coaching career has been at Fordham and Richmond. A young coach that has only been coaching for just under twenty years, he played football and basketball at Williams College in Massachusetts where he graduated in 1989. Needless to say his resume is not "star studded." He has made a name for himself as a coach that turns programs around as an offensive expert. Hey no complaints from me, but why take a step backward from a head coach to a Coordinator? I will let Coach Clawson tell you himself. " Tennessee has one of the best traditions, and I think is one of the best names in all of college football. The challenge of coaching in the SEC was appealing, and I think also the opportunity ti work for and learn from a man of Coach Fulmer's status made the job very attractive." Dave has been calling plays for about fifteen years, and he said this about his upcoming duties. "My job is to oversee the enitire implementation of the offense from how we install plays to game planning to working with the other coaches, to helping organize practice and everything to do with the offense with the head coach. Everything I do i run through Coach Fulmer. Coach Fulmer is the head coach, and he needs to know everything we are doing. Ultimately, he is responsible for everything that happens."
Coach Clawson is also the quarterbacks coach and will help out with recruiting. He is responsible for recruiting southern Ohio, some private schools, and quarterbacks nationwide. His system is not really a spread, and not really West Coast. He uses his "Own System." It is flexible enough to fit the available talent and adapt to the strengths of his play makers. His success has been attributed to his close attention to detail. "Our offense will have a sense of urgency and attention to detail. And if I expect that from them they should expect that from me."

Stan Drayton absolutely loves coaching running backs. Loves it so much he left the National Championship he won at the University of Florida and came to Tennessee, a school more known for the running game. Coach Drayton said " The environment is very similar in a lot of ways. You are talking about two major, national schools that play in the SEC. They play on national television, and they have huge stadiums and have huge fan bases and support systems. For me it was just an opportunity to coach at a place here at Tennessee and has a rich tradition in running backs. For me it was an opportunity to be a part of something that I think is very unique and special in college football, and I took advantage of it."
For three years Coach Drayton was the offensive quality control and assistant special teams coach with the Green Bay Packers. With a total of twelve years coaching in college football, he was most recently with Florida for three years, and Mississippi State for one year prior to that. He was an All-American running back for Allegheny College.
A very respected recruiter, Stan was named one of the nations "Top Twenty-Five Recruiters" by Rivals.Com following the 2007 Gators top recruiting class. Coach Drayton also coached with new Coordinator Dave Clawson for three years at Villanova during the late 1990's which helped him make the decision to come to Tennessee. "Working with a guy like Dave Clawson that I had an opportunity to work with before makes it a very comfortable situation for me. I understand his style, and what he expects from his assistants.

Wide receivers coach Latrell Scott was an All-American tight end as a senior at Hampton in 2001. He came to UT highly recommended by Coach Clawson, having served under him as wide receivers coach for the Spiders of Richmond, moving up to the assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator for their last year there. After his experience with Clawson, it was a no-brainer for the up-and-coming Scott to move to the Orange. "Recruiting is one of my strengths, I feel that I have the ability to develop personal relationships with these young men and let them know that i am there for their development. I am going to recruit metro Atlanta, the state of Virginia, and central Florida."
As for his job on game day, Scott says "I'll handle all of the wide receiver substitutions and all of the personnel groupings on game day. Coaches Fulmer and Clawson trust me to substitute my guys freely, and we are going to get the best ones on the field. We want to be a physical group of wide receivers in the run game. I think we have some guys that get after you in the run game. One of the rules in our meeting room is that you can't block you can't play. We are not going to be the reason that a seventy yard touchdown does not make it."

The final new face on offense will be the tight ends coach Jason Michael. Jason will also be a big contributor in coaching the Special Teams as well. After coaching in the NFL the last three years as a quality control coach and tight ends with the raiders and the last two years with the Jets. A quarterback at Western Kentucky where he had a 1-AA national championship in 2002, he was actually a graduate assistant for Tennessee working with the defense and special teams after leaving the Hilltoppers. Jason feels that their is not a lot of difference in coaching Tight ends in the Pros, or here at UT. "It is still blocking, it is execution and fundamentals no matter what level you are playing at. All of these guys want to play in the NFL. I coached at that level and know what it takes to play and sustain a career at that level and how hard you have to work. I felt that having insight on all those things help me relate and coach." Jason's primary areas to recruit will be his home state of Kentucky, western Tennessee including Nashville and Memphis. He will also dip into parts of Virginia, Louisiana and Texas.

Greg Adkins is the anchor of this offense. He is the lone returning coach, and a good one he is. His Offensive line only allowed four sacks all of last year which ranked them number one in the nation. All five starters are returning, but this is a new system. The biggest reason for the success last year was the timing offense Cutcliff was known for. The ball was out of the quarterback's hand in under two and a half seconds. Not much time for sacks in two seconds.

Well there you go, a new influx of coaches to guide the Orange. Maybe this helps you know who the new faces are. Lets hope in a few weeks when we leave southern California, the whole Nation will be talking about the jobs the "new Blood" is doing for the Vols.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Year Two Begins

It was July 21, 2007 when I made my first post on here, about Saban, or as I have called him, the "Bionic Coach." I listed all of the major schools that the "Four Million Dollar Man" had losing records against. It was a good read and the beginning of a very active football season. After the season started I slacked off of posting on here because of preparing for the Football call in show hosted by Dunaway and Brown and sponsored by Jack's. It took a lot of my time during the week getting all of the score sheets ready for the guys. But I wouldn't trade it for the world, It is something I enjoy, High School Football has always been a soft spot for me. Hope we get to do it again this year.

It seems like it has been harder to get exited about the upcoming football season. I was visiting with a friend over this past weekend the is a tried and true Blue and Gold LSU supporter. He said that he is actually looking forward to this season more than last. He said last year there was so much preseason pressure put on them that with the way that the Tigers played last year it was hard to enjoy the experience. Every week he was so stressed out and coming off of some emotional roller coaster that come Monday morning he was a wreck. He said that with the low expectations that the media is giving his Bengals he can sit back and enjoy the fun of the week. How long will that last? But what he said made sense to me. I had high hopes last year. Erik Ainge returning for his senior season, along with a strong defense I really thought we had a chance to win the conference. Dunaway's mock week by week season proved to be prophetic, as LSU and my Vols indeed did make the trip to the Georgia Dome. With Ainge, Mayo, and others gone, it seems as though my Vols are not getting the love from many people. Although today on "College Football Live" Mark May not only said that Jonathon Crompton was poised to have a remarkable season, when asked who his dark horse pick for the National Title game was, wait for it, yes my UT Vols. Was this a curse against my team? We will see. But back to my thought. I don't think I have high hopes for my Vols. I think nine or ten wins would be a great success. With the new offense and new Quarterback Crompton, I think it will be possible to see great things, we just seem to be keeping everything close to the sweater vest.

I hope to be posting an article on Coach Clawson and the changes in the Offensive coaching staff in the coming weeks. I also hope to give you the prospective starters for the upcoming season. There has been some competition and some moving of positions so I would rather wait until practice gets going to list my depth charts. I am not an inside guy, I have to wait until they are released just like everyone else.

Earlier this week a lot of hype has been given to Les Miles comments that enraged the "Crimson Nation." I share the opinion of a lot of people, what you say to your fans is allowed. If it was a big press conference that is one thing. But private setting gatherings of supporters are a totally different ball of wax. Coach Bruce pearl is the best at this. He can incite a riot within the walls of a meeting room, locker room, or on the steps of the state capitol building. I think now that it is barely more than a month until we kick off the new season, I think it is time as fans we put our "Big Boy" pants on and just say ok, you got us, we will get you back. Isn't that what we love about this game, the smack talk, the hype? If Les gets under your skin that bad, you are gonna have a loooong season.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tony Stewart's "Prelude to the Dream"

Every year there is a race at Eldora Speedway in Ohio. It is called "The Dream" race. The first year they put it on it paid out a whopping One Million Dollars! A few years ago they began to invite some of the Nascar regulars to come out and run a match race on Thursday the week of the Dream. There are a few drivers that grew up on dirt, and there are a few that still race every week. Guys like Ken Schrader, Bill Elliott, Clint Boyer, Kenny Wallace, and Tony Stewart race in anything they can find an open seat and a steering wheel to sit behind. I have been lucky enough to race with these guys in my days at Talladega Short Track and BIR. Two years ago Tony Stewart bought the famed Eldora Speedway and really pushed the effort to make a special event to raise money for the Victory Junction Camp. Last year they teamed up with HBO cable pay per view to bring it to a national audience. He brought a bunch of his Friends out to put on a show. Last year the man to watch was Juan Pablo Montoya in his first time in a dirt late model. Also "Rowdy" Kyle Busch made his first dirt start. This year Robby Gordon was making his first time in a dirt car. The field also has Ron Capps and Cruz Pedregon from the NHRA drag racing series.

Let me tell you a little about these cars. Don't let the name fool you, just because it is dirt doesn't mean it is not FAST. This is a half mile track, they are running around it in about 15.5 seconds. That is around 116 miles an hour. These are very complex chassis with a lot of movable links and components that move and rotate while under power. The chassis cost you about $12,000. That is just the frame. Add an engine..... not just any engine these are high performance all aluminum 800 horsepower monsters. Yes I said 800 hp! They produce close to 500 foot pounds of torque. With a tacky wet clay surface it really gets up and goes. The engine will set you back between $60,000 to $80,000. Yes that is correct. I have seen a guy buy a USED engine for $43,000 before. Add about five or six sets of tires that cost $170 dollars a piece. A bunch of sheet metal and really neat stuff and you are looking at a $100,000-$120,000 racecar. on Dirt. Coming to the track in a hauler identical to the cup guys, with a backup car, extra motor and tons of extra parts. This is not Backyard Bubba taking his primered camarro with a duct tape number on the side and racing his buddies. These regular drivers take decals and make their hot rods look like the normal rides for the cup drivers. Harvick in a red and yellow Shell #29 etc. They will peel those decals off and race them this weekend in the Dream race.

Tony put on his second race tonight, the fourth annual. With a field of drivers that would make an All Star race any where in the world, they are striving to raise a million dollars for the Victory Junction camp. The field was Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, David Ruettiman, Matt Kenseth, Kasey Kahne, JJ Yeley, Ron Capps, Cruz Pedregon, Bill Elliott, Ken Schrader, Kenny Wallace, Ryan Newman, Tony Stewart, Red Farmer, Carl Edwards, Kyle Busch, Ray Evrenham, Aric Almerola, Mark Martin, Dave Blaney, Robby Gordon, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Bobby Labonte, and Clint Bowyer.
Early crashes in the heat races took out Bill Elliott, Aric, and Mark martin in the first heat, and then the second heat was a one by one wreck off of two. Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Ryan Newman, and Carl Edwards all took some paint off of the turn two wall.

The first heat ended up with Dirt regular Clint Bowyer the winner. followed by Harvick
Second heat was Tony Stewart holding a clinic on the field. He was followed by
Third heat was the surprise. ROBBY GORDON in his first ever dirt circle track race.

Two drivers did not make the main event due to repairs not completed. Bill Elliott and Mark Martin did not make the start. The Main Event was Harvick on the Pole with Kenseth to the outside followed by Stewart and Blaney on row two. Green flag dropped and Harvick led the first of thirty laps with Smoke taking the lead on lap two and checking out. Lap three saw Jimmie Johnson got into JJ Yeley and spun him into the wall bringing out the first caution. Caution laps do not count in dirt racing so there was plenty of racing to go. Two grooves made the race interesting, some in the bottom of the track, the others running against the wall where the cushion is and it was bad fast. The cushion is where the dirt builds up in a little ridge to the cars lean on it like a berm and can really move. JJ Yeley spun again on lap seven, with Harvick and Clint Bowyer putting on a show. Sliding in front of each other turn to turn. At one point on lap ten it was FOUR WIDE RACING. Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon were racing door to door, with Bowyer and Harvick bangin wheels as well. The best thing of the night, the in car cameras were in the car looking back from the steering wheel back toward the driver, so you saw him working the wheel and saw those helmets get covered with dirt and mud. Nine laps in Yeley spun for the third time and brought out the caution. Kasey Kahne who had engine problems all night, finally made his exit at lap 10. Blaney broke the front end on lap 13, and then we got to race a little for a while with a LOT of side by side back and forth racing. Smoke was in a different zip code, walking off and leaving the rest of the field. Lap 19 saw defending champion Carl Edwards leave the race after overheating. Carl won last years race in a car from a local boy. Stacy Holmes of Munford, AL provided the cars for both Carl Edwards and Red Farmer. This was to be Red's final Prelude and Stacy wanted Red to have a good time, and not worry about his own car. After the restart Tony checked out again and looked like noone could catch him. Robby Gordon was the surprise in second, driving a car owned and built by dirt track legend Scott Bloomquist. Tony almost lost it with three to go, with Gordon breathing down his neck, but Tony Stewart won the 2008 Prelude to the Dream. Followed by Robby Gordon, Bowyer,Wallace, Hamlin, Kenseth, Harvick, Johnson, Schrader, Busch, Reuttiman, Newman, Jeff Gordon, Pedregon, Capps, Evernham, Edwards, Almirola, Blaney, Yeley, Kahne, Labonte, and Farmer. Kevin Harvick was named most improved driver, and Robby Gordon won the Juan Montoya first timer award.

The Ohio valley was pummeled with rain last night and this morning. As of 12:30 today, this race was not going to happen. Tony made the call at 1:00 to make it happen. And happen it did. Fans saw a whale of a race and saw Smoke win his Second Prelude. Then they saw a full house, over 23,00 announced in attendance, as well as the pay per view audience. Tony made the presentation of a check for ONE MILLION DOLLARS to the Victory Junction Camp. To help with a second camp that is going to be built in the Kansas City, MO area. Kyle Petty accepted the check and got pretty emotional even giving Tony a kiss on the cheek to show what this meant to him. Tony responded by saying "I always thought Michael Waltrip would be the one to do that." how do you top that? Great night. I know the pay-per0view helps the effort to rais money but I wish this would become a Saturday night prime time race to let the fans really see some great racing. You see guys that are made out to be enemies on Sundays when you watch them on the asphalt, hanging out smiling ear to ear and having a big time. This is what these guys look forward to. A lot of them have bought their own cars and test them during the year for this one race. Tony said that he and Kyle were the only two that he knew of that had not tested for this race. By his performance, you couldn't tell. I think I will go support my local dirt track this weekend, anybody that wants to go with me, come on, lets support real racing, where it all started, and where it all comes back to. ON THE DIRT.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thank you Vols for the Best Year in Memory

I have to admit, when i first started doing this blog, I looked forward to writing and updating it often. I have not had that same passion lately. I have struggled with some health issues, and have made some life changing decisions that has changed my list of priorities. I feel like I need to at least spend a few minutes on "Selection Sunday" to look back on the season that is over now, and we await to see if what we accomplished this year is enough to give us a number one seed.

I don't think anyone would have said they would be satisfied with anything less than what we accomplished this year. Maybe a little more, would have liked an SEC tourney title, but we did win the regular season crown, so I guess that is to be commended.

The first game of note would be the third week of the season. We played in the Legends Classic to start the year and on November the 23rd the Mountaineers of West Virginia would be the first victims of the Vols. A two point win would send the Orange Clad good guys to a match up with the Longhorns of Texas. Tennessee beat Kevin Durrant and the Texas team the previous December, so they were hungry for revenge. And indeed did just that. An ugly loss, nineteen points separated the Longhorns from the good guys. This would be the first and only loss for quite some time. Along the way the Vols would register wins against Xavier, Gonzaga, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Ohio State before suffering a heart breaking loss to bitter rival Kentucky.

Now there are a couple of things I need to say about the season up until this point. First no player averaged over thirty minutes. We were playing at least ten players getting at least ten minutes a piece. Some games we were having twelve players getting time. We lost Duke Crews due to a heart condition, then heard the good news that he would be coming back. Around the end of December, we also gained the services if J.P. Prince, the transfer out of Arizona. Prince a native of Memphis,TN looks to play a big role in the future as a Guard/forward. Newcomer Tyler Smith has already cemented himself as the new "Glue" man. A force in the pain, he is also the coach/motivator on the floor. A role Dane Bradshaw filled last year, Tyler is making his year, the first one without his father, something special. Up to this point, the loss to Kentucky, Chris Lofton has been a non-factor. Shooting woes seem to have him in a fog. Message boards were full of posts calling for the most well known guard in the country to be benched. Something clicked on the floor at Rupp Arena. Something seem to flip the switch in his head. From that point on we started to to see the Lofton we all know began to show up and take more shots and make a difference in the outcome of the games.

A team known for its spurts went on another one after the January 22 loss to the Wildcats. Racking up Conference wins against Georgia(2), Alabama, Mississippi State, Florida, LSU, Arkansas, and Auburn, before it faced the toughest and most anticipated match up of the season.

When I looked at the schedule back in August, there was one game that I circled to look forward to. That was the February 23rd match up in the FedEx Forum against the Tigers of Memphis. A few weeks earlier Memphis had taken over the number one ranking. After the Loss to Kentucky the Vols dropped from their number three rank. But a couple of losses helped the Vols move up to the number two spot, on February the 18th, to set up the dream scenario of number one versus number two. A game that was scheduled early in the season as a Game day location for ESPN. With the match up now the most important game in the country it was destined for greatness. Or was it? Many an opponent claimed that no one outside of the state of Tennessee cared about the game. It became the Most watched regular season College Basketball game EVER!!! I was lucky enough to be a part of it. It was an atmosphere that can only be compared to an LSU football game. Very emotional, very VOLitile and very intimidating for the small number of Vol fans that made it into the Arena. But the outcome was sweet. We left Memphis with a victory, an end to Memphis' home winning streak, and the Unanimous Number One Ranking. For the first time, we were the King of the Mountain.

It would be short lived, a trap game against Vandy awaited us in Nashville. And it was just that, it would hand the #1 Vols their third loss of the season. The good guys finished strong with wins over Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina to claim their first outright Conference Championship in forty-one years. It happened on Senior Day in Knoxville when we had to say goodbye to three outstanding seniors. Chris Lofton, JuJuan Smith, and Jordan Howell. Chris will leave with the SEC all-time three point record, JuJuan will leave as probably the most under appreciated shooter in the conference. For the majority of the season Smith was the leading scorer on this Tennessee team. Jordan was the starting point guard for the better part of the season. These three guys will be missed heavily. Chris currently is still chasing the NCAA all time three point record, he sits in third right now. With six games remaining. I said it, six games. We lost last year by one point to an Ohio State team that went to the championship game against a Florida Team that we have owned over the past three years. This team can go all the way, will be a great finish to a Monumental Year by the BasketVols. A SEC title, ranked number one in the country, twenty nine regular season wins, thirty one counting the two exhibition wins. A lot to be proud of, a lot to build off of. Has to be the highest moment in Tennessee sports for me. To see this team go from so low, bring in a GREAT man in Bruce Pearl, and Climbing to the top of the mountain. A championship on April the 7th is the only thing to make this season better.

Thank you Bruce for simply being BRUUUUUUCE.

Thank you Chris for four years that can be summed up in two words, Class, Clutch.

Thank you JuJuan for not giving up, not quitting, and bringing us another great season.

Thank you Jordan for being a "Role Player" and coming off the bench to give "Quality Minutes"

Thank you Tyler Smith for coming in and taking ownership of this team and making it special.

Thank you J.P., Ramar, Wayne, Duke, Josh, Brian, Ryan, and Steven for giving us the best season in memory, milestones that will not be easily surpassed.

Here is my favorite memory, the Pre-Game speech to us fans in Memphis before the BIG GAME!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thoughts on a Sunday morning

I only have a couple of minutes, but wanted to go on record and give my two cents on a couple of things. As I am about to go to church, There are two things that are still onmy mind. First, UAB won the game for fourty minutes, but in a plit second lost about all the respect that was built up during the game. I am not going to to justify the throwing of bottles and trash at the visiting Tigers. The game had many questionable calls, but the most blatent call was the one by the Blazers not to foul when Memphis brought the ball across mid-court. At worst they tie the ballgame. More likely they miss one of the shots and you still win. But they chose to wait until the ball is driven, you give up the three point play and the win. All else aside I think destiny was in their own hands and they threw it away.

Second todays Daytona 500 will be Amazing. I think it may be the most entertaining ever.


That is all for now, I am gonna be late for church.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey everyone. I know you guys come by here to see me post about my VOLS. But wanted to take a second to tell you about another Blog I have started. Have already posted an entry to kinda introduce it to you. Hope you check it out!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere is Signs....

There are a couple of things I took away from tonight's game. First let me give some props to Senario Hillman, boy has wings. The dunk from the edge of the paint, WOW. Bama has talent. I will draw the parallel to the Memphis Tigers. For a few years now they have had unreal talent, but could not play well as a team. I saw that a lot tonight, Gee, and Hillman had good nights, four players total in double figures. There is potential there, was good to see Hendrix taking charge and coaching from the floor following fouls or baskets. Gutsy win by my VOLS, proved yes they can grind out a win.

Now to the meat of this post. If you are going to go to the trouble of calling for a white out, then wear white. Not ask everyone else to wear white and then have the students wear Crimson. If you are going to call that much attention to your students, try to have a little organizational meeting and discuss the signs you are choosing to display. The whole first half I saw one sign that had anything to do with Basketball. IT was one portraying Hendrix as the Hulk. I saw one with 41-17. Umm wrong sport there chief. He flipped it around and it said "Fat Phil loves to Squel" ummm spelling, and again wrong sport. And the houndstooth.


By far the worst of the signs was the one that they were the most proud of. They took the opportunity to show it off during a moment they were spotlighting the students. It was colorful, it was creative, it was not well thought out. "Bruce Pearl wants to be......" the first time they held it up after a Technical Foul on the coach, you could not see the bottom. In my mind I figured it would say Saban. After all the other football references I just figured that was the punchline. But no. Heck that might have even made sense. No the sign read "Bruce Pearl wants to be Pat Summitt." What the? Were you, I mean do you, ummm. Let me try to explain this to you.

This is what ol' Pat Summitt has done:

7 NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championships (1987,1989,1991,1996,1997,1998,2007)

14-time SEC Champions(1980, 1985, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007)

12-time SEC Tournament Champions(1980, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006)

7 Time SEC Coach of the Year (1993,1995,1998,2001,2003,2004,2007)

7 Time NCAA Coach of the Year (1983,1987,1989,1994,1995,1998,2004)

Naismith Coach of the 20th Century

Oh yeah by the way she also has a record of 963-181.

Thats 84%. The great Adolph Rupp was 82%.

Next closest coach is Bobby Knight with 890 wins and a 71%.

So thanks for the compliment, who wouldn't want to be Pat Summitt?

Gottfried should sign up for a clinic in Knoxville.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank you Rick, Bubba, Calvin, and families

I am going to break the norm and get personal tonight. Over the past few days my emotions have been a roller coaster. I appreciate you viewers that come here and read my rants about the school I love. But if you will please bare with me for a few minutes I would dearly appreciate it.

Sunday night I was sitting in my chair watching Extreme Home Makeover. It is my dose of compassion. I am a tender hearted sap sometimes, and this is my way of staying human. Then as it does a few times a show, the local news anchor came on the screen to tease the late news and said that "Local radio personality loses his son in a tragic accident Saturday night." Someone could have hit me in the stomach with a Louisville Slugger and I would not have been able to tell you the difference. I scrambled to the computer to see what I could find. Then the pain started creeping out of my soul.

I married a girl from high school when I was just twenty-three. We had a son immediately and things plugged along for a young couple who struggled but always seemed to get by somehow. Then we find out we are expecting another child. There were a couple of scares but a normal pregnancy. Then came a dreadful Wednesday afternoon. Playing around with my son she felt the baby kick real hard and then didn't feel her again. The next day we delivered my little girl. The doctor stood next to me trying to find something wrong with her, we never could. But two weeks before she was due to be born, my little girl lay motionless in my arms. The only time I would ever get to hold the shell where my daughter was supposed to be. I buried her a couple days later, and a cemetery in Alexandria, AL is where I go to spend time with her. She isn't there, but symbolically that is where I laid her body to rest.

Two nights ago that same sick feeling came over me when I heard the news about Bronner. I have known Rick for many years. We met through mutual friends back when he was doing his show "Butt Naked." He has come a long way, finding success in his career, and finding strength in his faith. This weekend he also found my respect. There is no greater pain than when the realization hits you that you have to make Funeral Arrangements for your child. You have no idea the feeling you get when you have to pick out clothes that they will wear for the last time. I have felt it, and now so has Rick. I handled totally different though. I questioned God, my faith and humanity. Nothing nor no one could justify this to me. Rick has not asked anyone to. I lashed out at those around me when they did not act as I thought they should have. As if they did not care. Rick has reached out to others first, not concerned with himself. These things got my attention.

I tuned in as most did Monday to hear Bill "Bubba" Bussey try to do the radio show and carry the torch. He did the best he could. He touched many a hearts in doing so. Tuesday came and he did the same thing he came on and did the best he could do . I tuned in at first to learn the details of what had happened. Then I found that even though it was tearing me apart emotionally I could not turn it off. I felt the same desire to listen on Tuesday. I listened as the anchors of Fox and Friends tried to spin it as a "Safety issue" or a lesson to be learned. Bubba simply almost effortlessly said, "No it is an issue of Satan trying to tear down something that is working against him." The broadcast on Tuesday was unprecedented on radio. I have not heard honesty and ministry on the air like that before. God used the men behind those microphones Tuesday. I felt like I was sitting at a table and the men on the air were sitting across from me. They were talking directly to me.
I grew up in church. From the age of seven to the age of about twenty three I was there every time the doors were open and a lot of times when they were not. But i lost interest. I lost sight of what I was there to do and slipped out of the door. It wasn't long after that I stopped listening to Rick and Bubba. I had been listening to Rick on the air since he was at K98 in Oxford. I met Bubba at WJXL in Jacksonville. And partied with Speedy in the "Playhouse." But they had all found their way back to church and that didn't appeal to me anymore. I have spent the last ten years going through some rough times. My marriage dissolved after my Daughter's death and then my ex took off with my son. I haven't seen him in six years, which is its own hell. About two years ago I met who would become my wife. We live a comfortable life but it has its problems. Church is not a subject we have ever discussed. We met in the world, and we lived our lives in worldly fashions. But for some reason around Christmas time I started listening to Rick and Bubba again. Can't really tell you why I just did. Now I know why.
Tuesday Bubba, Scott Dawson, James Spann, Speedy, and really every person that talked into a microphone said things to me that stirred feelings and emotions I had forgotten existed. Finally about nine o'clock I went for a walk into some woods where I had some peace around me and me and God had a talk in the rain. It was a tough one because I had a lot I had to say I was sorry for, and a lot that I had to admit even to myself. But I emerged from those woods a new man. I had a peace that i could not describe. My only concern was going to be my wife's reaction to this. This was a side she had never even heard of, much less seen in me before. So like a coward, I text messaged her the following: "What would you say if I told you I wanted to start going to Church." She answered me so quick it scared me. I read, "I would be extremely happy. Where ever you want to go I will be happy to go." This floored me I was speechless. I told her I had not expected her to respond that way. She told me that she had been raised in church as well, but like me had chosen to go down a different path. She too had felt the need to return to that way of life, but was afraid I would never agree to it.
As Rick said in his sermon during Bronner's memorial service, Bronner has ministered to more people in the last three days than most of us will in our lifetimes combined. The lives that have been changed is amazing. I know I am one of them. I have a new outlook on life and a new outlook on my marriage. And for the first time in the last ten years it feels pretty positive. Now I must do two things. First I have to find a church. It has been years since I have attended church. Years since I have been inside one. That is first. Second, I have to learn to stay out of the way and let God lead and guide me. There are a lot of questions in my life I have been trying to answer. The biggest one having to do with my son that I have not been able to see. I have to let God be in control and only when I can stay out of the way will it work out.
If you have gotten to this point in this story, Thank You for taking the time to let me share my heart with you. If you understand where I am coming from, or can relate, then let me know. I would love to hear others stories of triumph that Bronner inspired. You can e mail me at Also, if it isn't too much to ask remember Jimmy and Amanda Richardson when you pray. We need the encouragement. I have been out of his will for a long time, and it is tough to stay focused when I had made so many bad habits a way of life. Thank you for taking the time once again.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today on the Dunaway and Brown Radio Experience, I had a conversation that proved true tonight. I asked the question, do you have to have step out stars to be successful in the SEC? Ryan said yes, I said no, example: Tennessee. This is a team that has no players listed in any of the SEC top ten lists when it comes to scoring, rebounding, free throws, you know the important stuff. But this is the same team that is ranked #6 in the Associated Press, and #7 in the ESPN coaches poll. Tonight, that same team impressed the hell out of me.

I really felt like that the ten point margin that the Vols were favored by was very generous. It scared me. Then the game started and it scared me even more. First off how does a forward in Tyler Smith get the opening tip over a 6'11" center in Ogilvy? But that turned out to be foreshadowing for the night to come for the Aussie that has busted out of the gates for the Dores. Tennessee finally took the lead 13-12 and never trailed again. The lead grew to as many as twenty-four and got as small as eight with about eight minutes to go in the game. But to be hones there were only a couple of times that it felt like the Dores were even in the same building. With three minutes to go and the Vols up by 11 it seemed as though Stallings had already conceited defeat.

These were the leading scoring teams in the SEC and combined they produced only six players in double figures. Tennessee had four in double figures including Wayne Chism who was only a couple of points away from a career high had 18. He did have a career high 18 rebounds. That eighteen was a highlight. A big one. He picked up his third foul early in the first half. To get the boards with fouls against the leagues best in Ogilvy and Metcalf, he made a great statement about his progression. Also in double figures was Tyler Smith with 14 pts and 10 rebs, JuJuan Smith with 14 pts and 7 rebs, and Chris Lofton who did not score in the first half, who ended up with 11 pts. Vanderbilts two leading scorers were who you expected them to be. Ogilvy with 12pts and an embarrassing 5 rebs, and Shan Foster with 14 pts and the same 5 rebs.

After struggling with a feisty Ole Miss Rebel team, and now handing Vandy its second straight SEC loss, UT sits alone atop the SEC East. One could argue this win puts the Vols on top of the league as a whole. Heading into a revenge game against a different Ohio State team, the Orange are riding a wave of momentum. It is their tenth straight win, and seem to go into the game Saturday on just one days rest, but after what seemed to be an easy victory against a bitter rival, Advantage Tennessee Volunteers. Maybe now some eyes will be upon us Saturday for a CBS headline game. Especially some AP voters that could possibly break the Vols into the top five. A position that after tonight, I think is well deserved.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I have sat down here and attempted to update my blog many times since the Sec Championship Game. I would get a good long entry started and then lose interest. I think that has gone around, Jim, Blake and I have all struggled in keeping our Blogs updated. Quick props to Jim. He picked the SEC title game, and the National Champions before the season started. Though he did have LSU playing USC in the title game, many would argue that he was correct. Basketball season is upon us, many teams are about halfway through their quest. Tennessee attempted tonight to go to thirteen wins. And oh what a game it was.

My Vols started out tough opening up with six straight points. And give Andy Kennedy's Rebels credit, they never looked intimidated. The Orange clad crowd of 21,864 did their darndest to get into the heads of the underdogs, but they never seemed to rattle the determined boys in blue. I have to say, Kennedy must coach up the team in practice because I saw very little coaching being done on the sidelines. Maybe I am just used to watching Bruce All-Mighty do his thing. And after the technical foul when coach wanted to do some coaching still, he called Chris Lofton over and relayed a message to the officials. Speaking of the officials. Not sure what to say. At times I thought they are letting them play ball underneath, and others I was screaming for assault charges.

My Vols played very sloppy tonight. I did see more driving to the basket tonight than I have seen all year. But they just seemed out of sinc all night. They finished up 32 of 69 from the floor (46.4%) compared to the Rebels 31 of 71 (43.7%). Rebounding has to go to the Rebels right? It was closer than you think, 42 to the Vols 31. At times though it seemed like they were murdering us on the boards. Warren led all scorers with 24. Two of the "Smith Brothers" had 21 apiece for Tennessee. Polynice added 20 for the rebels along with 15 from Curtis, and Lofton filled out the double figure scores with 10.

I think we watched two of the top three teams in the league tonight. IT as all it was supposed to be. I was worried sick about this game, up until the last rebound that was pulled down by the good guys with thirty seconds to go. I then stood up and held my fist high. Faith that my boys would prevail. But unlike years past, the team did not throw the ball around waiting on Chris to get a look. Nope he was simply part of the Team That got it done tonight. Congrats Tyler on a whale of a game, and Maybe now JuJuan will start getting the SEC respect he deserves.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Funniest Comercial right Now

I know i am a little video happy right now but this is great!! What is funny, he hasn't even played yet.